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AquaRama 2009

June 12, 2009

31 May 2009, my parents, my bf and myself went to AquaRama 2009, aquarium exhibition. (:

Stingray (Looks so monsterous =S)

Clown Fish

Pretty Angel Fish!

Not sure what fish is this. =P Looks cute though. --> that bumpy head

Not sure, but it looks like LuoHan Fish. =X Look at that price!

Colourful Parrot Cichlids

Colourful Parrot Cichlids - Close Up

Clown Fish - again. Hear the kids going " Nemo~~!".

Regal Tang

Star Fish (:

Pretty Huh?

Look at the dotted fins...

Chinchilla at aquarium show?

"Baby" Arowana

"Toddler" Arowana

LOL! Funny Poster!

Feeler that are so long!

Fighting Fish

Fighting Fish - Pretty Tail

Fighting Fish - Dark Blue

Winning Discus


Looks like glowing...

Handsome fella

Burning tail

Let's dance! I'm all ready in my gown...

Mini mini~

I'm brighter than you are~

What's that? It Pleco's mouth!

What are you looking at?

Are you gonna stuff that black thing into my mouth?

I'm bigger that the black thing on your hands!

Gigantic Gold Fish

My name is Balloon.

Someone Help me turn over~!!!

We had a great time there and celebrated my mom’s birthday at ParkRoyal Hotel’s restaurant. (:

This is the mentioned “last batch of photos” for the period of time I went “missing”. (: WOOHOO~ Time to catch up with LOs and craft!!! I’m lagging!

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